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Make an “Anywhere, Anytime” Workplace in the Cloud

The Internet and wireless technology have revolutionized the way companies can do business. Cloud computing allows us to accomplish tasks in ways and at speeds that weren’t possible a few years ago.

Marimon can give you access to this powerful technology at manageable prices. With our hosted wireless services, you can communicate with others and manage your company’s information better than ever without the upfront costs associated with buying new equipment.

Available Wireless Services

Marimon currently offers the following hosted wireless services:

Phone Systems

You can set up a reliable, scalable VoIP Phone solution.


Access your business email anywhere, on any browser and on both desktops and mobile devices. Anti-malware and other security features will keep your information backed up and protected.


Screen your incoming email and block viruses and other malicious programs from your network.

Share Point

Share information and interact with other people at different locations.

Office 365

Install and use the most trusted, up-to-date Microsoft suite of applications.

Other Business IT Services

Marimon has services to accommodate the needs and resources of a variety of clients. Click the links to learn more:

Contact us if you have questions about our wireless services.