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Printer Security

Printer Security Houston

Protect Your Business Information

There’s no denying that technological advances have improved the way businesses operate, but they often come with certain risks and potential hazards.

Document security no longer means just shredding files containing sensitive information. You also need to guard your electronic documents to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. Informational breaches like these could lead to:

  • Lost productivity
  • Fines
  • Decreased trust in your business
  • Financial devastation
  • Criminal charges

Marimon can help you avoid many of these dire outcomes. With our document management solutions, you can keep both your paper and electronic documents secure. You’ll be able to maintain your productivity and your competitive edge.

How Marimon Helps Protect Your Documents

Marimon’s document management solutions enable you to encrypt your print jobs on your multifunctional systems and prevent unauthorized users from accessing your documents. You can also convert files scanned on your multi-functional systems to PDFs that can be stored, edited and distributed securely.

Also, Marimon’s suite of Business IT Services includes options for protecting the information on your computer network. Click the links to learn more:

If you have questions about printer and document security, please contact us.