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Lease and Rentals

The Right Printing Solution at the Right Price

At Marimon, we understand that, when it comes to our clients’ printing and document needs, one size—and one plan—does not fit all. While some customers are best served by owning equipment outright, others may only need devices for a limited time or for a particular project. Some customers may need equipment on a consistent basis but cannot pursue traditional avenues to purchase new devices.

To more fully address the varying requirements and budgets of our clients, Marimon offers leasing and rental programs. Creating a printing solution that meets your needs, and facilitating the availability of the equipment required to meet those needs, is one of Marimon’s special talents.

Benefits of Leasing or Renting Equipment

Marimon’s leasing and rental programs grant you access to our outstanding stock of printers and other office equipment. We partner with leading manufacturers like Canon and Lexmark to provide our customers with the best products available today.

At the same time, our pricing structure helps you mitigate the upfront costs of buying a device. You get the equipment and support you need while freeing up funds to address other business needs.

Voice, Managed IT and Other Services

Marimon has additional services to help you fine-tune your workflow and increase your productivity. To learn more, click the links below:

For more information on our leasing programs, please contact us.