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Hosted Spam

Hosted Spam

Advanced Protection for Your Network

There’s no arguing that technological advances have greatly improved the way companies do business. But with these advances have come a new set of related challenges.

While the Internet allows people to access and share information faster than ever, it has also put them at risk to the danger of computer viruses and other malware. You need powerful, up-to-date protection to prevent the loss or theft of your sensitive data.

Marimon’ Hosted Spam service can help you keep your information secure. You’ll receive comprehensive protection against malware without buying and installing any hardware or software.

Features of Hosted Spam Service

Marimon’s Hosted Spam service comes with:

Spam/Virus Filtering

All of your incoming emails will be screened for spam and viruses. You can rest assured that only the messages you need will reach your inbox.

Web-Based Dashboard

Our Hosted Service gives you access to a web-based dashboard, which allows you to see which emails were blocked from your inbox. You’ll be able to set “white” and “black” lists for different email addresses to make sure that no important messages get lost by mistake.

Additional Hosted Services

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For more information on our Hosted Spam service, contact us.