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Hosted Share Point

Hosted Share Point

Business On the Cloud: The Marimon Advantage

In the 21st-century business world, innovative products have been developed to help you manage information better and work more effectively. Share Point from Microsoft enables you to connect and collaborate with others better than ever via the Cloud.

Marimon can help you utilize this powerful technology while saving you time and resources. With our Hosted Share Point service, you can implement Share Point in your organization without the overhead of buying and maintaining a server.

Advantages of Hosted Share Point

Hosted Share Point from Marimon is an ideal choice for customers who need a cost-effective way of collaborating with others. With it, you receive:

Easy-to-Use Admin Console

Share Point’s easy-to-use admin console allows you to get up and running quickly. You can set policies and restrictions for users throughout your organization.

Powerful, Reliable Data Backup and Updates

This hosted service comes with outstanding data recovery safeguards. IT experts watch the Share Point servers at all times to keep downtime to an absolute minimum. The servers are also updated regularly, which ensures that you can work with the latest features and without inconvenience.

Share Point Mobile Apps

Apps allow you to connect with Share Point on different mobile devices, enabling you to work with others at various locations.

Other Hosted Services

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For more information on our Hosted Share Point service, contact us.