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Hack The Planet: How Hackers Impact The World

This past election and the current administration have highlighted, probably more than any other time the prominence of hacking culture. Hacking, defined as using a computer to gain unauthorized access to information systems; has risen rapidly over the last decade. It is now at the forefront of global politics not just a nuisance for your business. Even with the advancement of intrusion detection services and anti-malware programs, it has become a global problem.

Top Cloud Services Houston Companies Love

As companies of all sizes continue to rely more and more on IT services Houston providers offer, the need to develop new services for changing trends will continue to grow. The IT environment continues to grow more complex because of this reliance on cloud services. In many small businesses, for example, local IT resources are very limited. Adding cloud services Houston companies are able to have scalability usually only afforded by larger corporations.

Is Your Hosted Exchange Server Vulnerable To Attack?

Hosted Exchange servers are one of the most popular IT services Houston businesses use on a daily basis. The flexibility and always on convenience they offer without having hardware onsite makes them an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. The caveat though is knowing whether that remote server you are paying for access to is properly secured. Many IT services Houston companies provide offer are vulnerable if not properly configured, so it is very possible that your Microsoft account credentials could be at risk of compromise.

The Secret To Success: Effective Business Systems

You may hear people discussing the importance of having effective business systems implemented. Do you really know what that means, though? What exactly is a business system and why should it matter so much to your success?

5 Top Reasons Printer Service Is Common In Houston

When it comes to office equipment Houston pros know that the majority of the calls they get are for computer problems and, you guessed it, printer problems. Yes, even in this day and age of digital everything, printers are still a necessity.  Just like other office equipment Houston businesses use, printers malfunction at times and also need regular maintenance.

3 reasons Computer Networking support is the lifeline of your business

Whether your business has five employees or 500, you need a reliable and competent IT support team for your business. Cloud services Houston pros, Marimon estimates that many businesses underestimate the importance of a viable support team to manage their network and devices.  We know it’s crucial for a business to survive and we can tell you why in three undisputable facts.

5 ways you can be certain you have the best IT Services Houston

If you are considering making the jump to managed IT services then you have probably already done enough research to realize you don’t want to handle IT yourself. Now, with all of the options and packages available in the managed services Houston market it is easy to get bewildered by it all. It’s bad enough trying to figure out IT services Houston pros lingo and acronyms, so let us give you 5 quick questions you should ask when choosing the best provider for your business. 

IT Outsourcing: The Pros and Cons

man working on IT outsourcing project

When running a business, having an IT department in-house can be a challenge.  The IT department is one of those departments that many businesses will consider the lowest priority since they don’t generate as much money as sales. The fact of the matter is the IT department is what keeps the business flowing. Many businesses tend to try and save money by cutting these types of support services. However, many companies have taken to the thought that outsourcing IT is a better choice than keeping a full-time IT department.

How to Find the Right Business Phone System

business phone system in use

Nothing is more important to the success of your small business than effective communication. It is where relationships, sales, and customer service begins. A business phone system should be seen not just as a communication device. Rather, it should be seen as a tool for growing your business.

4 Major Benefits of Cloud Services

These days everyone hears mention of “The Cloud.” Some people wonder just what exactly is the cloud and what can it do for me or my business. One of the main advantages of cloud computing is increased efficiency.  Services that would normally take longer by traditional channels takes only minutes using cloud services However, it is important to remember that there are much more benefits to using cloud services.

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