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What Does a Quality Houston Business IT Service Provide?

For any successful company, finding the right Houston Business IT Service is critical. At Marimon Business Solutions, we provide a wide range of Business IT Services to keep your business’ IT networks secure and protected. Keep reading to find out what a Houston Business IT Service should be providing. 


4 Benefits of Managed Printer Services

Businesses strive to make their operations as smooth and efficient as possible. To make it happen,

they’ve got to look at every single step, no matter how small, in their process. An often overlooked

aspect is printing.


Printing may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but it needs to be efficient if it’s part of a

business. Perhaps the best way to deal with printing is to get managed printing services.


6 Reasons Your Business Needs to Be Using Cloud Services

If you are a business owner and you aren’t leveraging cloud services to your advantage, then you are missing out.

Cloud computing can significantly improve many areas of your business’ processes. Here are 6 reasons you should

be using cloud services.


Level Playing Field

In the past, larger corporations held several significant technological advantages over smaller businesses. Today,

Ask Your Copier Service for These Copier Features

Copiers can be the most useful and most frustrating devices at the same time. On one hand, they perform the essential service of copying. On the other hand, they can be complicated and malfunction too often. When choosing a copier, you will want to ask your copier service a few questions to make your life easier.

Are Business IT Services Right for My Business?

If you are the owner of a growing business, you probably have happily embraced technology in order to increase production and smooth out internal processes. However, the technology needs of your business can grow to the point that it is no longer manageable. Maintaining your technology infrastructure can become quite costly in terms of time and resources. To solve this problem, you can either add IT professionals to your staff or outsource your IT to a local provider.

Is hiring a business IT services company right your business? Read on to find out.

Is Your Printer An Open Door To Hackers?

Most people with a bit of computer knowledge will agree that firewalls, anti-virus software, and strong passwords are important for protecting work computers. This is a basic tenet of IT & network management for protecting the data of a company.  However, many people just stop at computers and don’t consider extending that level of protection to things like router or printer security. In fact, one of the most often exposed peripheral equipment is actually networked printers. Most people even some IT officers think nothing more of a printer than a copy machine.

Hack The Planet: How Hackers Impact The World

This past election and the current administration have highlighted, probably more than any other time the prominence of hacking culture. Hacking, defined as using a computer to gain unauthorized access to information systems; has risen rapidly over the last decade. It is now at the forefront of global politics not just a nuisance for your business. Even with the advancement of intrusion detection services and anti-malware programs, it has become a global problem.

Top Cloud Services Houston Companies Love

As companies of all sizes continue to rely more and more on IT services Houston providers offer, the need to develop new services for changing trends will continue to grow. The IT environment continues to grow more complex because of this reliance on cloud services. In many small businesses, for example, local IT resources are very limited. Adding cloud services Houston companies are able to have scalability usually only afforded by larger corporations.

Is Your Hosted Exchange Server Vulnerable To Attack?

Hosted Exchange servers are one of the most popular IT services Houston businesses use on a daily basis. The flexibility and always on convenience they offer without having hardware onsite makes them an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. The caveat though is knowing whether that remote server you are paying for access to is properly secured. Many IT services Houston companies provide offer are vulnerable if not properly configured, so it is very possible that your Microsoft account credentials could be at risk of compromise.

The Secret To Success: Effective Business Systems

You may hear people discussing the importance of having effective business systems implemented. Do you really know what that means, though? What exactly is a business system and why should it matter so much to your success?

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